The general aviation community is beautiful. It’s as simple as that. Flying, the people, the experiences. But what happened to it over the past few decades? Costs, high stress jobs, and the economy have all kept people away from flying. But no more.

Region Flyers, based at Porter County Regional Airport (KVPZ), is excited to make learning to fly fun and affordable again. Started by Bradley Detert in 2013, Region Flyers slowly started to gain students during 2013 and into 2014. Now he, his instructors, and the fleet are prepared and excited to train even more.

Region Flyers is dedicated to making your Private Pilot’s License affordable. Most flight school now will be proud when they are able to graduate a student in $11,000. Brad and Region Flyers have students earn their Private Pilot’s License in just around $7,000. Why the big difference? First, Region Flyers will ensure that every lesson is tailored to each student. Large ground schools and group preparations don’t accelerate flight lessons, they prohibit them. Ground lessons at Region Flyers are taught on a one on one basis, and then the student and CFI will walk straight to the airplane to go practice what they just talked about. It’s as simple as that. Matching your ground lessons with your flight lessons, every time.

We are also excited to announce that they will soon be making YouTube videos for their students to watch and learn from. There are lessons that need to be taught in a one on one manner, no doubt, but some things can be taught just as well, if not better, by a video. Not only this, but Region Flyers wants to help all aviation enthusiasts, not just its own students. By making these videos public on YouTube, we will be helping more than just a small group of people, but the aviation community as a whole.

Obtaining multiple ratings is also a possibility at Region Flyers. Our instructors can help you earn your Private Pilot’s License, your Instrument Rating, your Commercial Rating, and finally, your ATP.

Whether it’s becoming a professional pilot or flying for your first time, Region Flyers has you covered. Region Flyers will help you achieve your aviation dream every step of the way.