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Meet the Region Flyers Crew

Our staff is comprised of individuals who have stood out among the crowd. Flying isn’t just a job for these folks – it’s a passion. That’s something that sets us apart. There’s nothing that makes us happier than being in the cockpit and transferring our knowledge to our students. Each instructor carries their own personal experiences which they are excited to share. Furthermore, our instructors will work together to ensure that your lesson plan is picked up right where you left off and that no lessons are repeated! Meet the crew!

Brad Detert


Brad is the founder of Region Flyers. He started flying at age 19 and has since logged over 4,500 hours. He attained his formal training from Purdue University and went on to fly for a National US Airline. He currently flies corporate business jets all around the world.

Brad enjoys swimming, camping, traveling, and riding and fixing motorcycles.

Larry Welsh


Larry has been flying for years. His wide array of experience spans more than 1,500 hours flying anything he could get his hands on.

Larry is also a proud volunteer in the Civil Air Patrol. His wife Jan is also a pilot and they share their love of flying together.

Meredith Malczewski


Meredith is from Crown Point, Indiana and is a graduate of Purdue University’s Professional Flight Program.  She’s been flying since she was 21 when she discovered her love of flight while studying biology at Purdue University.

Meredith believes that flying should be, not only safe, but fun.

Joseph Mendez


Joey grew up in Munster, Indiana and completed his flight training at Walla Walla University in Washington state graduating with a B.S. in Aviation Technology.  Joey has logged a significant amount of cross country time and has experience in tail draggers.

In his free time, Joey enjoys dirt biking.

Russell Polsky


Russ was born and raised in Alaska into an aviation family. He spent his childhood flying the wilds of Alaska with his family where both parents were licensed pilots. Russ followed his parents into the Civil Air Patrol, and later attended the University of Alaska – Anchorage, where he obtained his professional pilot ratings. He then began his aviation career bush flying in Alaska.

Russ has flown International Operations in large cabin business jets, has extensive sea plane and tail wheel time, worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense, and held both Chief Pilot and Director of Operations positions in Part 135 Charter operations. Russ is an ATP and holds 6 type ratings, as well as sea plane ratings. He teaches private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine flight.  

In his free time, Russ likes to play guitar, play hockey, hike, sail and ski.

Ryan Delahunty


Ryan began his flight training, while in high school, at KVPZ where he received his private pilot license.  Ryan is currently studying for a B.S. in Astronautical and Aeronautical Engineering, a B.S. in Professional Flight and a minor in math.


Ryan has logged over 500 hours in a wide variety of aircraft ranging from single engine piston airplanes to small multi-engine jets.

Tyler Dean


Tyler grew up in the region and graduated from Lewis University’s Aviation Flight Program. From there he began working in various positions at a local FBO and Charter company. Tyler currently flies corporate business jets as well.

Tyler enjoys fishing, hiking, playing hockey and softball in his free time. 

Tony Rose

Ground School Instructor

Tony, a veteran pilot, former public school teacher and principal, is our Advanced Ground Instructor.

He offers ground school classes twice a week in sessions that last 12 weeks each.  His goal is to prepare prospective private pilots to pass their required FAA written exam.  

Contact Tony for details.


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