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Greetings, and thanks for checking us out and considering Region Flyers for your finish-up course.

When I first started in the flight instruction business, I came into an environment that needed some desperate help. I was working for a fairly busy flight school that was struggling to  meet its pilot certification goals. Faced with a potential loss of certification, it was my job to make 5 pilots in a period of 5 weeks. Now that would be quite a daunting task for me to undertake if I was to train 5 brand new pilots. However, what I came across were a lot of student pilots who were reasonably close to earning their pilot certificate, but just couldn’t seem to bring it all together in preparation for the dreaded Private Pilot Check ride. 

Now these clients of mine weren’t perfect – many of them hadn’t flown regularly – or at all – for years. But they could fly. They had the basic understanding of how an airplane works. They could takeoff, perform simple maneuvers, and safely land the airplane. I can tell you from experience, that these fundamentals are just like riding a bike. You never forget the muscle memory.

What these pilots needed was to be polished up. They had the desire to finish, and I gave them the drive they needed to make it happen. Some of this work was not easy, but at the end of the 5 weeks, the flight school had their 5 certificated pilots and kept their certification, ultimately renewing that certification for the next 2 years.

I am a closer. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t flown in 20+ years, I specialize in helping you finish up what you’ve started. Don’t think that because you haven’t flown in a while that you’ll have to completely start over. This is my passion and I’m anxious to help you accomplish your goals.

Let’s make this happen – it’s time you Earn your Wings.

Bradley Detert

Airline Transport Pilot
Owner, Region Flyers

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