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Region Flyers is an FAA Approved Part 141 Flight School



Aircraft Rental

Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective. At Region Flyers, we rent a beautiful Cessna 172-N as our main air frame. If you would like a higher performance or more complex aircraft, contact us – we will make it happen!

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Rent & Fly

Our Cessna 172 is a real beauty. Boasting 160 horsepower at a mere 8 and 1/2 gallons of fuel per hour, the Cessna 172 is the perfect 4 seater aircraft for all of your flight training needs. Economical and simple to fly, come get checked out today

C-172-N: $115/hr

*Aircraft rental requires valid Pilot’s License, Medical, Renter’s Insurance, and a checkout with a Company Pilot. Usually this will take about an hour.*

Scenic Flights

Most people don’t know the true beauty of Northwest Indiana. Our proximity to Lake Michigan and the City of Chicago make it an ideal launching point for some brilliant photos. Let one of our qualified Commercial Pilots take you for a flight to remember. See the sunset over the Indiana dunes, see the hundreds of different fall colors, or cruise along the Chicago Skyline at night – there’s nothing quite like it!

Come along with us and take in all the stunning views from your perch in our aircraft. You’ll see a whole new side of the area.


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