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Region Flyers is an FAA Approved Part 141 Flight School




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Region Flyers offers both Part 61 and 141 flight training!

Whether it’s becoming a professional pilot or flying for your first time, Region Flyers has you covered.

Multi-Engine & Complex Training is Now Available!

About Region Flyers

Region Flyers was founded on the idea of improvement. After working in the industry and seeing the downfalls of other operations, our instructors knew we could do a better job than the competition. The first aircraft was purchased in 2013 and the rest is history.

We believe the joy of flying should be an attainable goal for anyone with the drive to pursue it. That’s why we’ve brought an affordable option to Northwest Indiana. We pride ourselves on not only being the best – but also being cost-effective. We guarantee that you’ll get the lowest price on rental aircraft. And to take it a step further, you’ll earn your license in less time.

Plain and simple, we make pilots. You won’t find a more effective flight training program, guaranteed.

Earn Your Wings

Ever dream of becoming a pilot? It’s a rewarding adventure, no matter what your long-term goals are. Soaring above the Earth provides a peaceful and serene escape for anyone. Also, Major Airlines across the U.S. have started hiring – why not consider making your passion a career?

Aerial Tours

See the beatiful sights of the Northwest Indiana Dunes at sunest, or take a quick hike up to the Chicago Skyline at night.  Nothing beats the view!

Meet the Crew

Our experienced and professional staff consists of only the best hand-picked Certfied Flight Instructors in the area. Rest assured you’re flying with instructors that are “a cut above” – you’ll always feel safe knowing you have a highly capable and educated mentor to guide you through the process. Get to know our crew today!


4205 Murvihill Rd.

Valparaiso, IN 46383

PHONE: 844-435-9694


Billy Szura’s first solo!

Never too cold for this guy... Congratulations to William Szura on his first solo! He's one of the hardest working students out there, and it shows! He made 3 perfect landings today, while his instructor Meredith Malczewski watched from the...

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Justin Click’s 1st solo!

Congratulations to Justin Click on your first solo today!  His instructor told him to do between 3 to 5 landings, and of course he belted out 5 perfect landings in a row.  Special thanks to Russ Polsky and Tyler Dean for being great instructors!  Next goal is to get...

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